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graphic heading Ernesto Spinelli and Associates

Practising Existential Psychotherapy: The Relational World.

  book cover - Practising Existential Psychotherapy      
  Date First published August 2007
  Publisher London: Sage.
  ISBN Paperback ISBN: 9781412907750
Hardcover ISBN: 9781412907743
Pages: 232
'Ernesto Spinelli concludes his book by declaring that his intention was "to delineate a structural model that could demonstrate a way of practicing psychotherapy from an existentialist perspective". With the kind of humility characteristic of much of his writing, he suggests that whether or not he has succeeded is for his reader to decide. It is my view is that he has succeeded, and impressively so. His capacity to convey a complex philosophical framework, articulate a range of theoretical principles and offer a methodological approach is impressive. He manages to do this with clarity, consistency and passion, and in a way that is accessible and meaningful for psychotherapists.'
Leanne O'Shea, Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand.

'Practising Existential Psychotherapy is a useful addition to Spinelli's earlier works and the emphasis on practise is very welcome. I have used the text for teaching and it was very clear that my students benefited and also found the excercises of value and interesting. It takes courage to reveal what we do in the consulting room and what we say to our clients. This text gives so many verbatim exchanges that one may feel like a fly on the wall in Spinelli's own consulting room, probably an outstanding position from which to learn.

At the end, Spinelli asks readers to decide if he has achieved his aims and as one satified reader I feel there is no doubt that he has. If you want a feast, there is much food for thought and practise here.' Dr Jan Resnik,Churchill Clinic, Western Australia.


Description: Existential psychotherapy has emerged as an approach that is distinctively different to that of the other models and systems within psychotherapy. It provides a set of significant challenges to, and critiques of, contemporary Western psychotherapy both at the level of theory and of practice. Although a substantial amount of writing that seeks to describe and delineate the theoretical underpinnings of existential psychotherapy already exists, this is not the case with texts dealing with the application of theory in the form of practice.

Practising Existential Psychotherapy examines the unique qualities and possibilities of an existential approach to psychotherapy. Drawn from Ernesto Spinelli's own experience as an internationally recognised theorist, lecturer and practitioner, the book's overall aim is to provide a thorough and accessible explication of existential psychotherapy in practice.

Beginning with an overview of the theoretical underpinnings and distinguishing features of existential psychotherapy, the text describes and develops a three-phase structural model for its practice. As well as describing the key components of each phase, the text provides descriptive examples and topic-focused exercises designed to assist readers in developing their own practice-based understanding of existential psychotherapy.

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