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Recent activities


2008a 'Dream Analysis from an Existential Perspective' Masterclass Facilitator, BPS Division of Counselling
Psychology Masterclass Programme (London, January, 2008)

2008b 'Practising Existential Psychotherapy: The Relational World', Invited Speaker,
Society for Existential Analysis
Forum Seminar (London, February, 2008)

2008c 'Being Human: Psychotherapy as a Humane Enterprise', Masterclass Facilitator,
Ealing Abbey Seminars,
(London, March ,2008)

2008d 'Practising Existential Therapy', Invited Speaker and Facilitator,
Eastern European Federation of Existential Psychotherapy (Birstonas Lithuania, April 2008)

2008e 'Existential Therapy in Practice' Invited Speaker and Facilitator,
Conventius Seminars (Stockport UK, May 2008)

2008f 'An Introduction to Existential Analysis' Invited Speaker,
Confer Seminars (London UK, May 2008)

2008g ' Practising Existential Psychotherapy' Invited Spreaker,
Matrix Seminars (Norwich UK, May 2008)

2008h 'An Invitation To Existential practice in Therapy and Coaching' 2-day Masterclass Facilitator,
The New School of Psychology (Copenhagen Denmark, May 2008)

2008i 'Existential Dream Work' Invited Speaker and Facilitator,
London Metropolitan University (London, June 2008)

2008j 'An Existential Perspective on Death' Keynote Speaker,
Meaning Conference (Toronto Canada, July 2008)


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