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graphic heading Ernesto Spinelli and Associates

The Mirror and The Hammer: challenges to  therapeutic orthodoxy

  book cover - The Mirror and The Hammer      
  Date First published 2001 (Sage 2004)
  Publisher London: Sage.
  ISBN Paperback ISBN: 9781412901789
Pages: 206

`It is surely worth reading, not only by the author's fellow psychiatrists, but also by psychologists in general' - Contemporary Psychology

`I found this book a joy to read. Each chapter sets out the orthodoxy in question, then proceeds to explain lucidly the author's difficulties with this orthodoxy and to suggest an alternative way of looking at the issues' - Self and Society


Description: Psychotherapy's influence seems all pervasive today. But to what end? Is helping people really therapy's main mission? This provocative book explores the alternatives to psychotherapeutic orthodoxies on such vital issues as sexuality; the self; the unconscious; creativity; and the dilemma of evil. Erensto Spinelli challenges psychotherapy, asking if it has retreated from its early promise of being a pivotal agent in our attempts to discover what it means to be human, in exchange for its current role as a pacifier of personal and social unease.

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