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graphic heading Ernesto Spinelli and Associates

Demystifying Therapy

  book cover - Practising Existential Psychotherapy      
  Date Published 2006 (original publication Constable 1994)
  Publisher Hay-on-Wye: PCCS Books.

Paperback ISBN: 9781898059790
Pages: 242 pages


Praise for the First Edition: `...this is a brilliant book, which I unreservedly recommend to anyone in the counselling field, whatever their level of experience. It will most surely provide fertile. enlightening and constructive engagement within our profession for years to come' - Richard House, Counselling

`I recommend this book to anyone interested in challenging their ideas about psychotherapy' - Andrew Clark


Description: During the last decade, as public awareness of the role of therapy has increased, so too has criticism of specific approaches to therapeutic practice. In this book, Dr Spinelli examines the assumptions of his profession. He argues that in seeking to cure, heal, educate, free and change the client, in seeking to promote 'mental health', psychotherapists and counsellors not only end up abusing their clients and themselves but they also succeed in setting themselves impossible tasks and goals which actually impede the therapeutic process.

Through his critiques, Spinelli demystifies therapists' language and theories. He argues that key areas of the client-therapist relationship have been neglected and, using case material from his own practice, explores in full the way in which therapists should engage with and listen to their clients in order to be of help.

Over the years, Spinelli has become increasingly aware of the philosophical naïveté‚ of many therapists - their unnecessary and artificial reliance on 'techniques' and their abuse of the power bestowed on them in the therapeutic relationship.

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